Subbable is a new way to support the people who make the content you love.

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Subbable is a subscription service that allows audiences to connect with and fund the creators they love in a sustained, ongoing way.

Traditionally, the Internet has run on advertising. That works fine for many projects, but advertising places the same value on engagement as it places on distraction. Advertisers just want the most views, not the most engaged views. We fear this might turn the Internet into the Great Distractor, a place where huge wells of content exist that we enjoy fleetingly but feel no passion for.

Subbable seeks to connect content creators not to advertisers but to their communities. With ad-based revenue models, many projects are unsustainable unless they have millions of views, but some of the best niche content that we care about the most isn’t going to appeal to millions of people. Not everyone wants to watch educational videos about biology or learn of a man’s eccentric universe of many clones. But those of us who do watch really care, and want these projects to grow and thrive.

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A subscription-based crowdfunding platform for content of ongoing nature (web-series, etc).

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5% of successful campaigns, plus 5% for payment processing fees

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