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SoKap is a social utility that helps people with big ideas get moving. Sokap helps you incubate, raise funds, build markets and sell products and services online.

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“SoKap” stands for “Social Capital” — the happy marriage of social enterprise with the business community to create economic benefit. We’re the first of our kind — a platform that creates a win-win-win for:
* Project owners
* Non-profit organizations and supporters
* People who love cool stuff (isn-t that all of us?)

There are two ways you can fundraise on SoKap:

1. Start a fundraiser in 30 seconds or less – for free – by clicking the Promote button.
* 1) Pick a Product
* 2) Tell everyone you know
* 3) They buy the product
* 4) You get a % of the sales
The more they buy, the more you make. Everyone wins.

2. Buy a Town. This means that can you buy into a company for your community and generate royalties from sales of the product in that area.

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Bottom Line:

Sokap is a crowd-investment platform that allows fans and non-profits to purchase the right to host screenings of your film.

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