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Slated is an online marketplace for film financing and dealmaking — connecting a global network of investors, filmmakers and industry professionals.

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For filmmakers, Slated is a platform to promote viable films to an engaged audience. For investors and the industry, Slated provides access to qualified filmmakers and leading organizations to facilitate targeted introductions and help discover viable projects.

Filmmakers join for…

Access to capital
Our investment community represents hundreds of millions of dollars, some of which could be put to work in your film. Our accredited investor network ranges from high net worth individuals, to seasoned film financiers and large financial institutions. By having a film listed on Slated, your film profile gets automatically disseminated to these people that are seeking opportunities that match their funding criteria. With Slated you can use technology to promote your opportunity to a receptive audience you otherwise would have little or no access to.

Critical networking
Unless your name is instantly bankable, you need to build your project off the reputation of others. You may still need to attract talent, sign the optimal sales agent, galvanize industry support, and ultimately secure a distribution deal. This is why Slated goes deeper than financing alone. Our members also consist of leading sales agents, packaging companies, talent, festival scouts, and post-production houses to name a few. Get your film on their radar.

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Slated is an exclusive community where filmmakers connect with investors for funding and professional social networking.

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