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Quiver wants you to keep all of your rights, all of your revenue, and for the success of your content to be yours alone. We strive to provide our customers with the best and widest reaching distribution platforms for their creative works worldwide.

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With Quiver, you can distribute your content to popular digital retail platforms around the world. You pay a flat service fee. We provide the necessary service. You keep 100% of the revenue that comes back from the platform. You keep 100% of your rights, as you grant us a non-exclusive right to distribute on your behalf. The catch: your content need to be appropriate for the platform and territories you wish to distribute to. This means accurate technical specifications. It means appropriate content types. It may mean official ratings by the representative boards in the relevant territories. Some platforms will take almost anything, while others limit the content they’re willing to distribute. Check out the relevant platform information before placing an order so you know what you’re getting into.

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A distribution service for for quality-controlled delivery to the top online marketplaces.

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Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Sony Playstation Network, Hoopla

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