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Our mission is a very simple one: We want to help you launch your film successfully and economically.

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THE QUADflix SELECT Distribution Program is designed for filmmakers who prefer to self-distribute their films. For one set price, the program offers all the necessary features to successfully and economically launch a film throughout the world. The program has increased by 30% each year since it began. In 2014, it’s estimated that 175 films will benefit from this comprehensive launch plan. It is a program managed and operated by the professional staff of the QUAD CINEMA.

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Bottom Line:

For $11,000+, Quadflix Select will publicize and distribute your film online, and screen it at the Quad Cinema for one week. Less expensive distribution options are available but do not include the Quad exhibition.

Revenue Split:

75/25 for Digital distribution


$500 for encoding and lab costs
$4.50 a minute for closed-captioning costs
$9,000 for oscar qualifying package
$11,000 for full package

Average Daily Visitors:





Yes, for a three year contract

Partner Distributors/Devices: