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Fans discover new films and request local screenings. Next we hope to turn audience demand into screenings by digitally delivering films to venues.

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The site was originally built back in early 2010 after a very successful Kickstarter campaign enabled us to invest three months in development. After something of a hiatus we relaunched the site in early 2012 with free filmmaker sign up and many more tools for managing geographic screening demand.

OpenIndie is a collaboration between British web developer Kieran Masterton and US film director Arin Crumley. Arin’s award-winning first film Four Eyed Monsters screened theatrically around the world using the first location-based request system for independent film, from this experience OpenIndie was born. Kieran has spent over a decade working with large media and publishing companies helping them to harness the potential of disruptive technology. Our goal is to systematise Arin’s experience with Four Eyed Monsters and empower independent filmmakers with tools to help them reach a theatrical audience.

How does OpenIndie work?
We rely on filmmakers to add their films to our site. Once on the site the film is available to request worldwide. We allow film fans to discover new indie film and say, “I want to see this film in my nearest city”. From the information requesters give us we generate precise goelocation data about that person. This enables us to establish demand for a film in a given geographic area. Our next goal is to build a theatrical network of venues to exhibit these films based upon real demand for the film in their town/city.

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Bottom Line:

OpenIndie helps determine demand for a film in specific geographic locations, which can help the filmmaker plan a theatrical tour.

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