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With an innovative platform designed to change the process of discovering great independent film, Openfilm is dedicated to developing, marketing and distributing great works.

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Our Focus
Openfilm showcases a fast growing collection of high quality, live action and animated films displayed in the highest quality available on the web. Our site provides a venue for users to watch premium content and for filmmakers to exhibit their works. Openfilm also offers members a full featured social networking forum to bolster interaction between creators and viewers. The latest industry news is also readily available in our blogs and festival sections.
* Film recommendations and reviews by Openfilm editors who strive to provide some insight into the filmmaking process and highlight the creativity of the contributors.
* Blogs sharing some sought-after production knowledge, covering an industry news item where users are welcomed to leave their comments
* Comprehensive, modifiable database of film festivals past, present and future.

Content Selection
The site currently offers thousands of original short films of all genres on channels created by independent filmmakers, production studios, film festivals and film schools. A content team reviews every film uploaded to the site to ensure it meets our quality and production standards. The website’s limited amount of approved content enables the best work to shine.

Distribution section
Our partnerships with various third party distribution platforms will make your films available in the living rooms of millions of homes. Your work will get greater exposure and reach a larger audience.

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Bottom Line:

Filmmakers have the option on Openfilm’s platform to stream their short or feature-length work with advertisements, or (with a Pro account) to sell mobile versions of their films for a fee, and to crowdfund projects. Openfilm further runs periodic contests, has partner channels with film festivals, and tries to foster an interactive community.

Revenue Split:

Varies (Where the revenue share is related to gross revenue for advertisements on the Internal Openfilm Network, the revenue share shall be 50 percent. Where the revenue share is related to gross revenue for advertisements on the External Openfilm Network, the share shall be 10 percent.)



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