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An Online Movie Theater Where You Watch, Discover, And Discuss Auteur Cinema

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We believe great films deserve to look great. Through our cutting-edge technology we deliver at the touch of a button feature length films in high quality.
All streaming, all the time. Nothing to install. Macs and PCs welcome. Any browser. Simple.

Don’t miss out on something wonderful. Our library is filled with festival discoveries, forgotten classics, and beloved favorites. It’s easy, our library is curated into unique sections. Be bold, be adventurous. Come explore.

Enjoy a new film festival every month. The Criterion Collection presents a selection of thier cinematic masterpieces for all to enjoy. Get ready to welcome the likes of Godard, Fellini, and Kubrick into your living room.

A new kind of film coverage. The Notebook combines the scope and variety of a magazine with the daily content of a blog. Current, global, comprehensive — always. Our contributor based approach provides many difference voices, critial approaches, geographic locations, and interests. Come find the ones that speak to you.

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An online movie theater where you can watch, discover, and discuss auteur cinema. Mubi primarily works with distributors to build their library, but they also accept submissions.

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