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MoPix is powering video distribution for independent filmmakers and alternative video content creators.

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More than just a movie
Releasing a movie or video experience through MoPix means you get to create and share all the content fans would expect to find on Special Edition DVDs. This includes outtakes, photos, behind the scenes film footage, scripts, Director’s commentary and tons of other extras.

Distribution for the digital mainstream
MoPix lets ANYONE with video or film content use our technology to create rich, dynamic “DVD-like” experiences available through the MoPix library, iTunes App Store, Google Play or on web sites via widgets.

Like to talk during movies?
Now fans can interact directly with filmmakers and friends without leaving the movie itself. In the Mopix movie experience films and videos enable immersive, social watching. Movies are no longer just watched. Now they can be experienced.

Any device, anywhere, anytime
MoPix films are made available on iOS and Android phones, tablet devices and web browsers. We keep track of your MoPix films across all platforms, so fans can watch what they want, whenever they want it. Fans can also broadcast the content they own to any Airplay-enabled device, allowing them to enjoy it in HD.

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Bottom Line:

MoPix turns your film into an app that can be sold through outlets like iTunes and GooglePlay as well as on MoPix’s website and Roku channel, and they additionally provide a content management system and analytics.

Revenue Split:



Varies (between $1,000 and $5,000 depending on features selected)

Average Daily Visitors:






Partner Distributors/Devices:

Android/iOs/Windows, Roku, CDBaby