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At, we are committed to supporting independent film by facilitating a direct and rewarding connection between the creator and audience during ‘the short phase’ of the filmmaker’s career.

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Financing and distribution are the two biggest obstacles facing most emerging filmmakers. We launched IndieFilmZ to help talented directors and producers clear these hurdles in a snap and gain instant access to a worldwide audience of film lovers and supporters. The filmmaker uploads a film. The viewer previews a trailer, then for $1.49 buys the film. One dollar of each transaction goes directly to the filmmaker with no waiting. A filmmaker sells a film once and gets $1. Sell a film 100 times. Get $100. Sell it 1,000 or 1 millions times, and… takes advantage of the latest in mobile and web technology to help viewers find great films, execute a fast, safe transaction and experience a high quality motion picture experience. IndieFilmZ is also a vital and vibrant community where filmmakers connect directly with their audiences and supporters, building toward a critical mass following as they develop their talents and careers.

Why Shorts?
The short is the signature format for most emerging independent film directors and motion artists. It’s a critical and revealing stage in their careers. But short films are often hard to finance and even harder for audiences and potential investors to find. We wanted to take this challenge head on and support independent film by supporting and promoting the short format. With IndieFilmZ, you can enjoy and help support short film or build your own career as a filmmaker one download at a time.

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IndieFilmZ is a curated distributor of and destination for short films.

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