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How It Works
Creating is hard, selling shouldn’t be. Upload your work and pick a price — and start selling in seconds. Share your product directly with fans and followers. They’ll be two clicks away from buying your work. Sit back and let Gumroad take care of everything else. From the secure payment all the way to the delivery.

Simple setup
Upload a file, or provide a video from YouTube to add some flair to your product’s page. Name your product and add a description. Decide how much you want to charge for your work, or let your customers decide for you. Just upload a file — we’ll deal with its secure delivery.

Powerful insight
Easily spot sales trends and understand your conversion rates. See which sites drive you visitors and how they convert — so that you can promote your product better. Get a sense of where your views, sales, and revenue comes from.

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Bottom Line:

Gumroad is a (non film-specific) D2F streaming/download/insight tool that allows filmmakers to set their own price (or give away content in exchange for “tips”) for only a 5% per transaction fee.

Revenue Split:

95/5 per transaction


$.25 per transaction

Average Daily Visitors:






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