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Filmbay was born of the idea of necessity. Whether you are simply an independent film fan, a beginning or established filmmaker, artist, writer, musician, producer or actor Filmbay has multiple unique networking, showcasing, distribution and communication tools that you can use to promote yourself in a global online film community. Full digital content distribution is available, as well as crowdfunding, optioning, global marketing, PR and Social Media Marketing. We invite all producers, musicians, bands, artists, filmmakers and film creative of the global community to join, let us distribute, or self-distribute their content and communicate, collaborate with each other on our website. Content creators keep all rights to their content and keep up to 95 percent of all net profits.

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Filmbay allows filmmakers to sell their films through Filmbay’s store, or to have their scripts optioned through Filmbay’s “showcase.”

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Tiered (Free – $475/year)

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No (unless you option your film through Filmbay)


No (unless you option your film through Filmbay, potentially)

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