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We’re movie fans. Fanatics, actually. We started this company to help fellow film enthusiasts discover amazing, hard-to-find films from all over the world.

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At Fandor we believe our job is to connect amazing films with audiences who will love them. Most of our films fall outside mainstream channels and we love that, because there are plenty of places to watch those films online. We specialize in shorts, independents, film festivals favorites, classics and international films.

We built the Fandor experience with curation in mind, to take the hard work out of finding great movies. We start you off with a rich library of hand-picked selections that capture stories from different cultures, time periods and genres. We provide the tools and insights you need to explore and make your own great discoveries. We also give you great shortcuts with a curated Fandor Channel and films in the Spotlight.

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Bottom Line:

Fandor is a hub for independent film viewing and curated information. Fandor mostly works with distributors to build their library, but they also accept submissions.

Revenue Split:

Varies (Fifty percent of all gross revenue goes into a filmmaker’s pot. That money is then doled out according to the percentage of Fandor viewers who watched the movie, how much of the movie is watched and how many people shared clips.)



Average Daily Visitors:

6,880 (50,000+ subscribers)





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Apple, Amazon, Limelight, Roku, Wowza