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Sell your film securely. (We’ve grown too fast and we had to take a step back to make the platform better! We’ll be back soon!)

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An Egg takes a .mov or .mp4 file and and encrypts it into a secured “shell.” Within that shell, material can be uploaded such as epks, added bonus materials such as mp3 movie soundtracks, jpg movie posters, information on live screenings, text files like ebooks or educational materials. Up to two advertisements can also be inserted and viewed if the filmmaker has sponsorship that they need to highlight. The Egg file can then be passed around to anyone interested in finding out more about the film. The film contained within it can only be viewed in full once it is purchased and a customized player must be downloaded in order for the Egg to be viewed…
The creator can choose how long the film can be accessed (1-30 days) and on how many computers. So if the individual purchases the Egg for 2 days viewing and 2 computer transfers, they will have the ability to make a copy of that Egg and move it to another computer. By logging into the Egg, it will allow the individual to view it on that computer. However if the individual transfers the Egg to a 3rd computer, the Egg will prompt the individual that they would need to make another purchase.

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Bottom Line:

EggUP allows you to create an encrypted bundle (“egg”) out of your film and any other related materials, set a price, and sell it D2F or embed it securely into third party websites.

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