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BitTorrent is the global standard for delivering high-quality files over the Internet. With an installed base of over 160 million clients worldwide, BitTorrent technology has turned conventional distribution economics on its head. The more popular a large video, audio or software file, the faster and cheaper it can be transferred with BitTorrent. The result is a better digital entertainment experience for everyone.

BitTorrent DNA is a disruptively effective content delivery technology. It significantly reduces bandwidth costs for popular files while dramatically improving the performance and scalability of websites. BitTorrent DNA enables websites to seamlessly add the speed and efficiency of patented BitTorrent technology to their current content delivery infrastructure, requiring no changes to their current Content Delivery Network (CDN) or hardware in the origin infrastructure. Businesses can benefit from the efficiencies of peer-assisted content delivery while improving the end-user experience.

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Bottom Line:

BitTorrent is the company that manages the peer-to-peer file sharing protocol of the same name and promotes and distributes free audio, text, and video content within its network. The company is now experimenting with converting their huge audience in order to drive real revenue, or at least valuable eyeballs, to content producers.

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22,480 (~170,000,000 people use the software)





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D-Link, Netgear